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Million Man is my crazy dream to build an online tribe of 1 million men. So why the exclusive focus on men?

I focus on men because the majority of us (men) are messed up.


We are broken mentally, physically, and financially.  We are told that our masculinity is toxic, that we should get in touch with our feminine side, and to be vulnerable and emotional.  We don’t have access to our kids.  We are either unemployed or stuck in useless jobs. 

We are alone or in shit relationships. We feel let down and are living lives of quiet desperation. This is no way to live, but there is an alternative.

I don't have all the answers – shit, I have been divorced twice, my daughter lives 15,000 miles away, and I have made a shitload of mistakes. I go through spells of self-doubt and intense loneliness.  But we are not alone and there is a way out.

Life is tough,  but being a man today is extra tough. Men have always been dispensable. We get sent off to war, we rush into the burning buildings to rescue people.  We unblock the sewers, work on the deep-sea oil rigs, and harvest the crops.

If you don't believe it's rough being a man, consider this. In the US, Europe, and South Africa, men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide than women. 


In university education, women are taking the lead. Seventy-two percent of recent female high school graduates enrolled in university while only 65% of males enrolled. If this gap continues to grow,  men are going to be left behind.  Women now hold 62% of Masters degrees. In the 1950s only 23% of college graduates were women. Today, 58% of graduates are women.

Men are suffering from a crisis of purpose. The old sense of purpose, being a warrior, a leader, or a sole breadwinner, is fading. Many of us are experiencing a "purpose void," feeling alienated, withdrawn, and addicted to immediate gratification.

It is also becoming more common for boys to grow up without fathers.  Divorce rates have skyrocketed over COVID and family law almost always favors the mothers.  Many boys are now being raised with minimal or no father involvement. Boys with less-involved fathers are more likely to drop out of school, drink, do drugs, become delinquent, and end up in prison.


Financially, we are also battling as the global economy is being transformed from muscle to mental and microchip.

Over the next 10 years, 1.7 million truck drivers will be displaced by self-driving trucks. Good honest blue-collar jobs are being displaced by robots, and men are being marginalized.

We are also stressed out over sex.  We are terrified of approaching women for fear we may be accused of sexual harassment. When I was growing up, the hardest part was plucking up the courage to go and speak to a girl. Now the hardest part is being wacked with a sexual harassment lawsuit – especially in the workplace.

So, if we are facing these mental, physical and financial challenges, how is the formation of an online tribe of 1 million men going to help?

We need to band together and understand we are not alone. Whenever we feel marginalized, vulnerable, or weak, our natural reaction is to make ourselves small and retreat, huddle in a little ball, and cry like a girl. This is natural caveman self-preservation – fight or flight. 

Million Man is a tribe – it is a place where we can regroup, lick our wounds, bitch and moan about the women in our lives, and then work on a collective plan to get ourselves out of this hole. We need to unteach ourselves from the lies we have learned about being a man.

I am in the hole with you guys. I am not pulling you out from the outside. I am not preaching self-help bullshit. Self-help gurus are full of shit. Anyone who tells you they have figured it out is talking shit.


We are all in the hole together, and together we are going to get out. Some of us are 75% out, others are 10% out. Unless we start working together, soon we will all be sitting in old age homes without any teeth drinking soup through a straw!

So how does the tribe work?

It is the world’s biggest support group. Million Man is about transforming yourself from a minion into a master. What is a minion? A minion is a follower, a slave, a yes-man, a lackey, or a parasite. He has no backbone – he is controlled by others. He is a passive victim – life happens to him, and he does not make life happen.  


A master is in control – he makes shit happen. He takes responsibility for his successes and his failures. He gets things done!


Million Man is about TRANSFORMING you from a Minion to a Master using 3 pillars - Mind, Muscle, and Money.



I am not into voodoo, but the M card in tarot means a release of old patterns. It's a shedding of the skin, to grow into a new version of yourself.

Million Man works on rebuilding you through the Mind, Muscle, and Money pillars, and this will give you the architecture of a high-value man. So, what exactly is a high-value man?

A high-value man does three things. Firstly, he transforms his relationship with his emotions – instead of being ruled by them, he rules over them. Secondly, he changes how he sees his body – instead of it being a source of limitation and shame, it becomes a weapon for manly work. Finally, he revolutionizes his bond with money – instead of working for money, money works for him. 

High-value men are better fathers, husbands, boyfriends, employees, bosses, and citizens. High-value men can live evolved lives and have a positive impact on the lives of others.

The Mind Pillar


This is what lives inside your head. This is where you find your demons – those little voices saying you are a piece of shit.

We need to become masters of our thoughts, emotions, desires, and impulses.  We need to exercise self-control, discipline, and patience. Men these days give up too easily. We need to grow a pair of balls. We need to be mentally tough and power through the challenges.

A mind is a powerful tool, and if we can get our minds firing on all cylinders, half the battle is won. We need to have mastery over our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It is a journey of self-control and empowerment. 

But the only way to make real changes in our lives is through accountability. We need to commit to making changes and then be held accountable – that is how the tribe dynamic works.

If we commit to turning our lives around but decide to go alone, the chances of success are small. If we commit to doing so in front of a coach and a community, that group dynamic increases our chances. The reason Alcoholic Anonymous works is the strength derived from a common purpose. If some guy isn’t pulling his weight, we take him down to the woodshed and straighten him out!

The Muscle Pillar

You need to prepare your body for the manly work that lies ahead. The challenge is simple:  it is 10 times easier to get fat than to get in shape. There is a Mcdonald's on every corner but do you have the strength to say no?

In 2017, Forbes magazine published: You're Not the Man Your Father Was. It claims average testosterone levels (T levels) have declined by 1% per year since the 1980s.

A 25-year-old man today has the same T level as a 50-year-old man had in 1997! That is a staggering stat, and even more, staggering when you understand the implications of low T levels.

Low T levels lead to depression, anxiety, low sex drive, fatigue, low self-esteem, and loss of muscular strength.

Our T levels are in the toilet today because we are less likely to hold jobs in manual labor, so we don’t have to be as physically strong as previous generations. The economy is shifting away from jobs that favor men, like manufacturing, and towards sectors dominated by women.

Absent fathers also drop T levels in young men. Instead of mowing the lawn and playing touch football with their fathers, boys are baking cookies and writing poems.

Even tight underwear is affecting T levels. So boys, throw out those tighty whities and change to briefs.

So how do you get those T levels up and reclaim your manhood?

The first is regular exercise – getting off the couch and onto the road to run or bike, or into the gym to lift.

The human body was not designed to be seated in a comfy chair playing video games.  It was designed to wrestle saber tooth tigers and hunt for food. The body is made to be active.

The second way to boost T levels is by avoiding junk food. It is making you fat, ugly, and feminine. Don't buy into this bullshit that eating healthy is expensive – supermarkets need to get rid of fruit and vegetables otherwise they spoil!

The third is to minimize stress levels. Don’t stress over shit beyond your control. Get your daily dose of vitamin D by spending time in the sun and getting plenty of sleep.


The muscle pillar doesn't only cover the body; it also covers your face and what you put onto that body of yours. High-value men take pride in their physical appearance and grooming. They dress well, get regular haircuts, exfoliate a few times a week, and don't smell like a horse's rear end.  

The Money Pillar


Most men have a mental block on money – they think to have it, you need to be super smart and lucky. That is not true.  Anyone, with average physical and mental ability, can become a millionaire. All they need to do is learn three simple skills. You need to earn more than you spend, and you need to learn how to invest the difference like a ninja.

So, the first skill is learning how to earn.  High-value men are money-making machines and they optimize their earnings capacity by doing one of two things.

By either finding that perfect job or starting their own business that seeks to address a specific need. Starting a business is relatively easy – find a common need and then develop a creative way to solve that need. 


Think about Facebook, it solves the need for companionship and social connection. Uber, Lyft, Didi, and Bolt solve the challenge of finding a safe, clean, and reliable taxi on your telephone. Tinder plays on our fear of loneliness and the difficulty of meeting single people in coffee shops.

The second skill is learning to save. But before you learn how to save, you need to learn how you spend.  Spending patterns are a funny thing because they are formed by numerous factors. One of the strongest influencers is your parents. My mother reuses tea bags, and this has strongly influenced my spending patterns.


But it can go either way. I know people whose parents were very austere in their spending patterns and have done everything possible to ensure they are not like their parents!

If you are a spender, you need to become an Olympic saver. The more you save, the less you spend and the more you invest.

For many, saving is a grind. They say things like "you want me to live like a monk?" Not forever, short-term sacrifices will lead to long-term rewards.


You need to change how you think. I live in South Africa and I work in Rands. Let’s say you spend 35 bucks every day on a cappuccino at your favorite coffee shop. Let’s say that for 10 years, you grab a coffee at home that costs 5 bucks, and you invest 30 bucks every day in the stock market. In 10 years, you would have earned almost 200,000 bucks.

You shouldn’t see saving as a sacrifice – you should see it as an investment. One buck saved in one buck earned. One of the most important facets of the Million Man project is teaching you how to change your thinking.

This brings me to the most important skill for high-value men under the money pillar, and that is learning how to invest. The core of being high value is control and mastery. High-value men are the masters, not the servants. They are not controlled by emotions, external circumstances, or money. They control these three things. The way you make money work for you is by learning how to invest.

High-value men learn how to invest their hard-earned/saved money into high-quality assets that provide reliable cash flows.

There are many places to invest: in your own business, in real estate, and cryptocurrencies. In Million Man, however, we focus on the stock market for two reasons. Firstly, it is very accessible, and secondly, it is one of the greatest generators of wealth on the planet, yet only a tiny percentage of people exploit it.  Here are four simple steps you can implement TODAY to increase your economic value.

You need to calm down and relax. Stock markets terrify people because of their wild and volatile swings.

In the short term (days and weeks), markets can be crazy. Over the long term (months and years), they are more predictable and benign. Your first step is to relax, be patient and take a long-term view of the stock market.


High-value men can do this, because they are confident, educated, control their emotions, and know how to set long-term goals.


The second step is to commit to investing every month. High-value men are disciplined and they commit to investing a minimum amount of cash into the stock market. Also, because they are not controlled by common stock market emotions such as fear and greed, they don’t need to regularly check on their investments.


They are confident in their strategy and are not affected by short-term swings and volatility. In the same way that high-value men do not get angry when someone cuts them off in traffic, they are not distracted by short-term noise in the market.  


High-value men choose a low-cost ETF as their investment vehicle.  An ETF is a powerful financial tool.  It is a share that owns many shares.  One of the world's most popular ETFs is the Invesco QQQ.  If you buy one share in the QQQ, you become the owner of 100 of the world's biggest technology companies - including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, Google, etc.

Through investment platforms in South Africa like Easy Equities, you can invest in ETFs containing local shares (like Naspers, Standard Bank, and Capitec) or international shares like Apple.

Assume you can invest R5,000 per month. That means you need to earn R20,000 per month or R240,000 per year because we recommend saving 25% of your income.

Over the past 30 years, the global stock market has delivered compounded returns of approximately 10 percent.  So how much would your 10-year religious investment yield in the global stock market? The answer is R1,024,224.


So, this is the goal – to coach 1 million young men to financial freedom over the next 10 years. We want to coach people to a lifestyle of mastery – where they master themselves, their bodies, their emotions, their minds, and their money to become high-value men who are the captain of their fate and the master of their souls.

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