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Financial freedom comes from understanding a simple formula:

Monthly Investment (A) = Monthly Income (B) – Monthly Expenses (C)

You want to get you’re A as big as possible. The more money you are able to invest on a monthly basis, the greater your capital base and the greater the amount of investment income you receive. Investment income is the fruit of money working for you.

There are two ways to increase your A. You must maximize your B or minimize your C. In this segment we are going to focus on how you can maximize your B which is your ability to earn.

In order to make money work for you, you need to first work for that money. Social media is awash with people promoting the idea that it is easy to get rich. Nathan Latka even went so far as to write a book “How to be a Capitalist without any Capital”.  It is a great book, but the title is slightly misleading – it should be “How to be a Capitalist with very little Capital”. He breaks the paradigm that you need to have lots of money to be a capitalist – but you still need money to make money. It also assumes that everyone is an entrepreneur, which is not always the case. In reality, the majority of people are NOT entrepreneurs and prefer the security of a comfortable job.


School teaches you to focus on your weaknesses.  But you are no longer in school. This is life and life is all about maximizing your talents and to hell with your weaknesses.  When water flows downhill, it flows around the obstacles, not over them.  The best way to optimize your earnings capabilities is by starting your own business.  However, not everyone is an entrepreneur, so let us start by helping you find your perfect job.  



Action 1: Match Your Personality with Your Vocation

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Action 2: Find the Job Opportunity

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Action 3: Nail the Interview

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