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the muscle pillar

The pursuit of excellence requires physical strength and stamina.

High-value men dedicate themselves to manly work.





This is how they look after themselves

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This is not about shooting yourself full of steroids and hitting the gym to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It means getting yourself ready physically so you can execute the manly work that lies ahead. The challenge is that it is more difficult for men to do this work today than 25 years ago. 

In 2017, there was an article in Forbes magazine entitled: You're Not the Man Your Father Was. It quotes a study of how average testosterone levels (T levels) have been declining by 1% per year since the 1980s. This means that a 25-year-old man today has the same T level as a 50-year-old man had in 1997! That is a staggering stat, and even more staggering when you understand the implications of lower T levels. It can lead to decreased sense of well-being, depressed mood, difficulties with concentration and memory, fatigue, moodiness and irritability, and loss of muscular strength.

Why are T levels declining? The first reason is the way we work and live. Young men are far less likely to hold jobs in manual labor, so they don’t have to be as physically strong as previous generations. Secondly, absent fathers have also been linked to lower T levels.  Thirdly, there are lifestyle trends­­ as wide-ranging as increased temperatures in homes and offices, lack of exercise, and even tight underwear (so boys, throw away those jockeys and move over to briefs).  The final factor is how the economy is shifting away from jobs that favor men, like manufacturing, and toward sectors dominated by women.  So, what can be done to get those T levels up?


In the Million Man Project, we focus on 5 things that most men can execute today. The first is regular exercise – getting off the couch and out onto the road running, or biking or into the gym lifting weights. We recommend you do this at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes. You need to realize that the human body was not designed to sit down in front of a computer. It was built to go out and wrestle saber tooth tigers and hunt for food. The body is made to be active and muscles need to be strengthened. The second is to eat and drink healthy, and stay away from processed food like white bread and sugar. Men need to avoid junk food, and focus on whole foods like meat, vegetables and fruit. You also want to drink plenty of water. The third is to minimize stress levels. The fourth is to spend time in the sun (although not too much for obvious reasons) to make sure you top up your reserves of vitamin D. And finally, the importance of getting plenty of restful sleep. This is not revolutionary stuff, but it is very evident that in our modern lives we lost focus of these 5 things that can help us lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


The muscle pillar doesn’t only cover the body; it also covers your face and what you put onto that body of yours. High value men take pride in their physical appearance and grooming. They dress well, get regular haircuts, look after their skin and personal hygiene.  When you look good, you feel good. So, what is it that every high value man should have in their closet?  


It is hard for a guy not to look good in a well fitted suite. The first essential is a simple navy-blue suite. You cannot go to a formal event in jeans – and navy blue works on formal and smart casual events. If you cannot do navy blue, grey will also work. The second item is a plain colored silk tie. One solid color means you are less likely to clash. The third essential for me is a crisp white dress shirt. It works for a job interview, a wedding, and a date. 

Then you need to have a pink or blue shirt, because you cannot wear white all the time, people might think you are an undertaker. Pink and blue is versatile, it can work during the week and over the weekend. There are two other items I wear a lot – a plain white T shirt – I prefer a V neck – and here you want to go for good quality. The second is a pair of raw denim jeans in classic blue – this is by far the most versatile item I have in my wardrobe. 

The final three essentials are a pair of good quality black or dark brown dress shoes, to accompany the suite or the jeans. A pair of good quality sunglasses, not only for the UVs but because they offer an unmistakable touch of style, and finally a good watch. With smart phone, people seemed to have ignored this classic timepiece, but there is nothing more elegant than checking the time on a wristwatch.


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