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10 Traits of High-Value Men

Million Man is about transforming yourself from MINION TO MASTER. What is a minion? A minion is a follower, a slave, a yes-man, a lackey, a parasite. He has no backbone – he is controlled by others. EVERYONE WALKS OVER A MINION. He is a passive victim – life happens to him, he does not make life happen.

A MASTER IS IN CONTROL. He makes things happen. He takes charge and takes responsibility for his successes, and his failures. High-value men are masters of their lives.

Here are 10 traits that define high-value men.

1) They Have No Sense of Entitlement

They do not believe they are entitled to anything. They do not say things like – I deserve success, I deserve to be rich, I deserve to drive a fancy car. They do not deserve anything. They go out into the world and, through their hard work, dedication, and commitment, obtain these things. Millennials feel entitled. They have been spoilt rotten by their baby boomer parents who wanted their kids to lack for nothing. This sense of entitlement leads them to believe that success and fulfillment should come easy – the problem is that it does not.

How do you know if you are self-entitled? You are known for fits of rage surpassing any tantrum a toddler may throw, and the worst thing is that you believe it is justified. ‘I can’t believe I have to work with such morons’ and other such inappropriate outbursts flow freely from your mouth.

2) They Take Responsibility

They own the outcome of their actions. They do not talk about luck, fate, or destiny. They take ownership of both their successes and their failures. This means they do not blame other people – they never play the victim card. They accept that they are masters of their souls, captains of their fate. Who better role model for a high-value man than Nelson Mandela! He took responsibility for his actions. They were illegal but they were committed against an unjust regime. It would have been “justified” for him not to take responsibility. He spent almost 30 years in jail, and he never played the victim card.

3) They are Active, not Passive

High-value men go out in the world and make things happen. They grab life by the scruff of the neck and give it a good kick up the ass. They don’t sit at home waiting for the phone to ring, or for the girl to send them a text message. When there is an emergency, they are the first ones to rush in and help Who were the first to run into the collapsing Twin Towers in 2001? The New York firemen – the epitome of high-value men.

4) They Know how to Suffer

They know how to suffer and persevere. High-value men do not give up – they hold their course. I live in Cape Town – I love being outdoors. In Cape Town, when it is rainy and windy, everyone stays home. I grab my running shoes, my bike, or my surfboard and I head out into the elements. I love knowing that I am the only nutcase out there. The waves will thrash me around, but they won't kill me – and whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. That pain is real and makes you feel alive. Life is hard – to make your mark, you don’t need to be fast, you need to endure, and suffer more than your competitor.

5) They are Goal Orientated

High-value men set goals – short term, medium term, long term. They know where they want to be in one day, 6 months, and ten years. They make to-do lists. They understand that humans are mobile creatures – fulfillment comes through growth and movement. The goals they set are attainable, but not too attainable. While everyone is running 10km, they are running 12km. Everyone is bench pressing their body weight, they are benching their body weight plus 10%. Everyone is saving 25% of their income, they are saving 30%. They marginally set their goal above the rest, because they understand the importance of outperforming.

6) They are Humble, but not Timid

Their humility is rooted in the fact they know they don’t know everything and are always learning. High-value men know what they know, but also know what they don’t know. This understanding that they have limitations, makes them humble, but not timid. High-value men know that humility is a strength and not a weakness because it is an asset for self-improvement. They know that their life is a work in progress and they are still striving toward excellence. Humble men are coachable and allow criticism to fuel development rather than resentment. They apologize after making a mistake. They help others who are below them in skill to improve rather than looking down on them.

7) They are Confident but Not Arrogant

Confidence is the absolute knowledge of your real abilities. Arrogance is the belief that you are better than someone else based on an exaggerated sense of your abilities. Can you see how a high-value man is not arrogant? Arrogant people brag about their achievements, skills, and abilities, and often ignore those around them. In meetings, for example, arrogant people generally seek the spotlight. Consciously or unconsciously, they make others feel less important. Conversely, high-value men shine a light on their colleagues' achievements in meetings or group work. They ask for input, encourage teamwork, and generously praise their co-workers.

8) Honour Their Mothers, Forgive their Fathers

As divorce rates increase, more young men are being raised by single mothers, and do not have strong father figures in their lives. High-value men rise above these disadvantages and honor the selfless work of their mothers, forgive the absence of their fathers. Not all high-value men find themselves in this situation, but this is turning out to be the rule more than the exception.

9) They Lack Prejudice

High-value men rate everyone impartially. They will treat the CEO of a multi-national corporation with the same respect and dignity as the car guard. If you want to know if someone is of high value, pay special attention to how they treat ordinary people. How does he talk to the waiter at the restaurant, to the lady that packs his groceries, to the Uber driver? I have heard of job interviews where the candidate is asked about their Uber score. High scores show impartiality, and therefore high value. A low score shows prejudice and low value. High-value men do not prejudge based on class, race, education, and culture.

10) They are Educated

This does not necessarily refer to formal education. It is possible not to have gone to university and still be educated. It is a demonstrated ability to listen carefully, think critically, evaluate facts rigorously, reason analytically, imagine creatively, articulate interesting questions, explore alternative viewpoints, maintain intellectual curiosity, and speak and write persuasively.

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