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10 Ways to Increase Your Value as a Man

Everyone wants to be valued. Here are ten ways to set you on the path to becoming a high-value man.

1) Stop being scared

There is a difference between having no fear and being scared. Courage is advancing in the face of fear, not the avoidance of fear altogether. Fear is good because it keeps you alive. Courage is the ability to advance in spite of your fears. You need to accept that public speaking invitation or ask that pretty woman for her number.

2) Avoid pointless fighting

Fighting with your girlfriend over who left the toilet seat up is pointless. It will get you nowhere and piss her off in the process. Pick your battles wisely.

3) Take care of yourself

When I was young, I never understood this advice - who would knowingly do themselves harm? As I grew older I discovered that we constantly harm ourselves. We eat badly, we listen to the negative voices in our heads and we don't get enough sleep. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend.

4) Do not seek out numbness

The modern world is geared toward comfort and leisure. Instead of escaping the world through alcohol, narcotics, and Netflix, throw yourself into the world and seek discomfort. This discomfort will make you grow.

5) Volunteer your time

Helping others makes you feel good, gives you a sense of purpose, is contagious, can help you live longer, and will boost your self-esteem. It is nobler to give your time than your money.

6) Don't rely on other people to make you happy

You need to be proactive in the pursuit of your own happiness and not wait for others to make you happy. I often see men end relationships because she stopped making them happy. This is a victim mentality and an indication of low value.

7) Pursue your dreams without embarrassment

It is better to pursue what makes you happy than to live in the narrow confines of the approval of others. Seeking the approval of others makes everyone happy except you.

8) Be on time

This shows you are organized and that you respect the time of others. It is better to be half an hour early than 1 minute late. Give yourself plenty of margin to arrive on time for formal engagements.

9) Communicate clearly

Be clear and unambiguous in your communication. We watch swishy-washy politicians talk for hours and not say a word. They commit to nothing and their lukewarmness frustrates us. High-value men make their intentions clear and hold fast to their values. They are assertive and men of their word.

10) Do hard stuff

Climb that mountain, run a marathon, swim in the freezing ocean. You want to test the limits of your body and untap the power that lies within you.


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