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3 Ways Junk Food F*cks You Up

Updated: Feb 22

We all know the old joke that men have two brains – one between their ears and one in their boxer shorts. Scientists are now saying we could have a third brain – just above our dicks in our stomachs. I will not get into the detailed science, but what we eat can affect how we think and how we feel. How do you feel after a huge meal? Heavy and lethargic. How do you feel after devouring the entire chocolate cake your girlfriend left in the fridge for her book club? Like a pear-shaped loser.

You are what you eat, and I would like to propose that junk food reduces your value as a man. Million Man is a tribe of high-value men – it teaches you to rebuild your masculinity and make a dent in the universe. If Ronald McDonald is your favorite clown, then you are following him down the rabbit hole into a distorted world of broken dreams and unfulfilled manly ambitions.

This is what junk food is doing to you.

1) It Gets You High and Fat

Dopamine is our very own natural feel-good chemical. We have a reward center in our brains. When it produces dopamine in response to what we do, we feel good and want to do more of whatever it is that’s making us feel so mentally healthy. That, in turn, leads to even more dopamine production.

Junk food is fucking delicious and it floods our brains with dopamine when we stuff it into our faces. This creates a high. As we eat more Big Macs, the brain adapts and makes more receptors for dopamine. To get that same virgin high, we need more burgers. This is classic addiction. The more burgers we eat, the fatter we get, the less exercise we do, the more our testosterone levels drop, and the less masculine energy we have to master our lives and become high-value men.

2) It Makes us Do Stupid Shit

Junk food is like porn – it is delicious and grabs our attention. To resist this temptation, we need a set of brakes in our brains. This is the prefrontal cortex which only matures in our early 20s. This explains why teenagers often do stupid shit – they have no brakes.

Research has shown that excessive consumption of sugary drinks negatively affects the development of these brakes. This lack of self-control makes you a slave to your impulses. You crave instant gratification. It is this inability to master your urges that is a defining trait of low-value, weak and depressed men.

3) It Fucks Up Your Ability to Learn

Learning is the accumulation of memories in the memory center of the brain known as the hippocampus (think of it as a campus full of hippos!) Have you ever noticed that you learn things easier when you experience them in real life instead of reading them in a book? Those are your neurons firing and wiring together in a process called neuroplasticity. High-value men are continually learning – finding new ways to make money, solving complex problems, understanding client needs, interacting with a dynamic and vibrant world, and being exposed to new and potentially life-changing experiences. If your brain is not firing on all cylinders, you are missing opportunities and living below your potential. Junk food fucks up with your neuroplasticity. In simple terms, it makes you stooopid!

This is what you need to do today.

Eat fresh fruits and veggies because they flush all the shit out of your third brain. Oily fish and avocados boost the generation of new healthy neurons. Also, you need to exercise, because that also boosts activity in your first brain. When all is working well together, performance in your second brain is optimized!

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