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5 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

We live in a global village where the ability to connect has never been easier. Learning a foreign language opens your horizons to new people, cultures, and cuisines that will enrich your life in more ways than you think.

Here are 5 additional reasons why you should learn a new language.

1) Feed Your Brain

Learning a new language is gum for the brain. It enhances your memory, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Think of it as a cerebral cross-fit.

2) Expand Your Market

Half a billion people in the world speak Spanish. Your ability to reach them in their home language exponentially increases your money marking and career development opportunities.

3) Boost Your Sexiness

There are seven romance languages - the most widely spoken being French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Your mastery of these tongues is going to increase your level of sexiness with all heterosexual women.

4) Discipline

Language mastery requires discipline. Russian, Greek, and Mandarin have different alphabets- so the discipline required in being understood in Vladivostok is monumental, and the more discipline in your life, the more fulfilled you will be.

5) Perspective

The new language will move you into a new and different world. This will automatically cause you to draw comparisons to what is most familiar. Learning about another culture sheds light on aspects of your own culture - both positive and negative. This will give you a greater appreciation of what you have.

So go forth and multiply your foreign vocabulary as you widen your horizons, exercise your brain and increase your sexual market value.

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