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5 Reasons You Should Always be on Time

Impuncuality says a lot about you, and none of it is good. It screams low value. Consistent punctuality, on the other hand, screams self control, mastery and discipline. It shows you are a man of substance, and someone that needs to be taken seriously.

Here are 5 reasons you always want to be on time, or slightly early. 1) It shows respect

Punctuality communicates that you respect your counterparty and you respect yourself. In a business environment, this is an optimal point of departure. If you arrive late, you weaken your position. Starting off a meeting with an apology means the balance of power is already tipped away from you. You are now under pressure to do something special to restore equilibrium.

2) No good excuses Blaming someone or something else for your tardiness means you are playing the victim card. The traffic made me late. My alarm clock did not go off. These phrases belong in the lexicon of whiners and losers - not of high value men.

3) Time wasting

Time is one of the worlds most precious and scarcest resources. Oil companies can discover new oil reserves, billionaires can earn more money, buy no one can buy more time.

4) Being late snowballs If you are busy, being late for one meeting normally makes you late for the next meeting and the next meeting. If you have 6 stacked meetings, being late for the first may mean you are late for the next five.

5) Stresses you out

Being late puts you under stress which releases cortisol into your body which in turn interferes with your ability to make decisions, think and speak clearly, perform with precision, and get things done with a winning attitude.

Being 15 minutes early is better than one minute late. Leave early for meetings. Give yourself a buffer depending the time of day and the place in which you live. If you live in a town with 120 inhabitants, a 5 minute buffer will suffice. If you live in a teeming metropolis and have a meeting at 6pm, your buffer may need to expand to 30 minutes.


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