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5 Things You Don't Want to do in 2022

New year's resolutions suck for two reasons – we set them too high, and the majority of them require having to do something. To help you into 2022, lets looks at 5 EASY things you should NOT be doing in 2022.

1) Spend Money on Stupid Shit

The next time you buy something, ask yourself why you are buying it. The most common answer is: because I want it. Then ask why you want it. More than half the shit we buy is to impress people about whom you don’t give a shit. “Fake it until you make it” has become gospel for many. We need to project success with possessions. We are slaves to other people's opinions. It is a fucked up way to live. Instead of buying stupid shit, invest that money. Build up an investment portfolio and over time, money will start working for you instead of you working for money. That, my friend, is the definition of financial freedom.

2) Watch Netflix Until Midnight

Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, was asked what/who was Netflix’s biggest competitor. He replied: SLEEP. Choosing Netflix over sleep will fuck you up. Men who sleep 5 hours per night have significantly smaller testicles than men who sleep 7-8 hours. Men who sleep 5 hours per night have the same testosterone levels as men 10 years their senior. Low sleep patterns also affect your memory and immune system. Enough said!

3) Use Deprecating Humour

Self-deprecation is when you make a joke about what a loser you are. Take Andy Richter’s example: My body is like a temple. However, it’s among the temples found in Thailand where monkeys are allowed to shit all over. Although these self-deprecating comments are said in jest, they disguise an underlying sense of low self-esteem and low value. High-value men are kind to themselves – they push down those negative voices and increase the volume of the positive voices.

4) Waste Time on Stupid Shit

Time is a valuable commodity yet most men are under the impression it is free, so they waste it watching mind-numbing videos on Tiktok, downloading porn, and playing video games. But this blog is not about kicking your porn addiction, it is about being better stewards of your time. Here are three hints:

Make to-do lists – in this way, you crystalize what needs to be done. By writing this down, you are also able to better prioritize. You want to tackle the tough tasks first when you are still fresh and energetic.

Avoid distractions - let's say you need to write a blog on your laptop. Put your phone in the other room to avoid the temptation of opening YouTube and watching another music video. Youtube is my single biggest distraction – I am embarrassed to know how much time I spend on it.

Don’t multi-task – multi-tasking means you are not doing anything properly. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing at 100%, and it is impossible to do more than one thing at 100%.

5) Stuff Your Face with Junk Food

Junk food does two things to you, and none of them are good over the long term. Firstly, it gets you high and fat. Junk food is fucking delicious and it floods our brain with dopamine when we stuff it into our faces. This creates a high. As we eat more Big Macs, the brain adapts and makes more receptors to dopamine. To get that same virgin high, we need more burgers. Secondly, makes you do stupid stuff. Junk food is like porn – it is delicious and grabs our attention. To resist this temptation, we need a set of brakes in our brains. This is the prefrontal cortex which only matures in our early 20s. This explains why teenagers often do stupid shit – they have no brakes. Research has shown that excessive consumption of sugary drinks negatively affects the development of these brakes. This lack of self-control makes you a slave to your impulses. You crave instant gratification. It is this inability to master your urges that is a defining trait of low value, weak and depressed men.

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