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6 Reasons Every Man should Own a Suit

Back in the 1970s people dressed up. Fathers wore a jacket to dinner, men wore suits to work and airline travelers didn't look like overgrown adolescents. Here are six reasons you should own a suit and use it regularly.

1) You could be more productive at work

It may take a bit more time to get ready in the morning, but a suit could increase your focus. It sends a message to your brain of alertness and formality. It is like going into battle in a suit of armour and helps you concentrate on the job at hand.

2) People will look at your differently

Business is about perception. A meeting with a guy in a suit sends a strong message of professionalism. It says that this guys knows his shit. The flipside of rocking up in a hoody and baggy jeans sends a message of sloppiness.

3) Confidence boost

If you look good, you feel good. If you are doing a presentation in front of a large crowd, you want to wear your best suit, tie, and shoes. When you dress well, you know it and others know it too.

4) Sexy

Studies have found that lingerie is for men and suits are for women. If you want to be irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex, a well-tailored/fitted suit goes a long way.

5) The more expensive the suit, the fitter you will be

If you spend a lot of money on a perfectly fitting suit (assuming you are in shape when you buy it), there is a strong incentive to stay in shape. If your shape adversely changes, the first place you are going to feel this is in the suit. There is no way you are going throw away that suit at the expense of missed trips to the gym.

6) A suit communicates personality

Clothes generally communicate this but the suit does this loudest because you can mix and match tie, shirt, and shoe combinations with the suit. It also provides you with the chance to add your personal touches such as a bow tie or a tie pin.

You know how it feels when you put on a high-quality suit. You feel like a million bucks. People respond better to you. You should, therefore, dress up more often.

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