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6 Reasons to Take Care of Yourself

We all know that we don't look after ourselves. We eat badly, don't get enough sleep, don't get regular haircuts, and we lack the discipline to exercise enough. We pay little attention to our mental health and we often push ourselves to the brink of burnout. Self-care is the easiest way to prevent this. Here are six reasons why self-care is so important.

1) Optimal performance

Any athlete will tell you it is physically impossible to operate a full bore all the time. If you work 80 hours a week, your performance will eventually start to decline. Choosing to meet a deadline instead of going for a 30-minute run could compromise the quality of your work.

2) Overall well-being

Instinctively we know what is good for us yet we chose not to do it. Drink more water, wear sunscreen, each fruit, and vegetables. We need to increase the volume of these instincts of well-being.

3) Self-confidence

Looking after yourself makes you feel better about yourself which in turn provides a bump to your self-esteem. We all know how great we feel after a good haircut,

4) Endurance

The better you look after your car, the longer it will last. The same is true of yourself. The more time you take to look after your personal needs, the more stamina and endurance you will have to face the challenges of the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

5) It is Quick

The body has been built in a way that does not require large blocks of time to be maintained, provided it is done regularly. For example 15 minutes of reading, a 25-minute walk, 10 minutes to cook something healthy, and 10 minutes of journaling. That is a total of 60 minutes - less than the average length of a Game of Thrones episode.

6) Make it Social

Apart from journaling, you can make all of the abovementioned activities social. We all know the satisfaction of deep social connections.

Not practicing self-care is like emptying your cup until you have nothing left to give. We have looked at the benefits of self-care. Consider now the risks of not looking after yourself: depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, and illness. Self-care appears to be a win-win proposition.

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