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7 Reasons You Must Read Everyday

Million Man is built on three pillars - the mind, muscle, and money pillars. The road to high value as a man is the mastery of each pillar. The mind pillar involves mastering your emotions and optimizing your mind. It is the process of transforming your mind into a finely tuned machine that is agile and sharp. It is the process of continual learning and the acquisition of knowledge. There are two ways we become wise - through learning from our lives and learning from the lives of others. Reading transports you into the minds of others and is pivotal in your journey to high value. Here are seven reasons you should read every day.

1) Learn from Great Men and Women

You get to learn in a few hundred pages what great men and women took a lifetime to learn. If you want to learn how to be a leader, don't go to the Harvard Business Review. Instead go to the core and feast on the words of Churchill, Kennedy, Mandela, and Julius Caesar.

2) Connect to the Wisdom of the Past

Reading is a conversation with the wisdom of the past. The Stoic Xeno went to the Oracle and was told that he would become wise when he started to have conversations with the dead.

3) Stimulate Your Brain

Reading is like taking your brain to the gym. It keeps it agile and active which allows it to retain its power and capacity. Holistic living involves exercising all your muscles, not just the ones below the neck.

4) Reduces Stress

There is nothing more stressful than believing you are the center of the universe and all life revolves around you. Reading opens you up to the outside world - it puts your life in context and reduces the pressure of living.

5) Improves your Memory

Humans use only a portion of the brain's capacity. Reading helps to create new brain pathways or synapses. It increases the reserve of knowledge off of which you can draw in finding solutions for everyday problems.

6) Better Focus

Social media has made us unfocused and distracted. Committing to reading 30 minutes a day helps you win back some of the focus that modern life has taken away.

7) Teaches You How to Write

There are few things more powerful than the skill of writing. Writing is organized thinking. It helps you communicate with the outside world and communicate with yourself through journaling.

You want to commit to a minimum amount of time or pages of reading every day. There is only one rule, don't read the news - it is full of sensationalism designed to titillate and terrify rather than educate and enlighten.


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