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8 Ways to More Powerful Communication

We assume other people understand our intentions. These intentions rattle around our brains, and we assume others are fully versed with these intentions. We need to fine-tune the communication of these intentions and here are some pointers.

1) Become a powerful listener

You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason. To communicate your message powerfully, you need to understand your audience. Are they angry, hungry, tired, or distracted? Is it possible your message will go unheard? Wait for the audience to be most receptive to your message.

2) Listening is more than just being quiet

You may need to coax your audience into giving you pointers as to whether they are in the best place to receive your message. You need to understand their intentions and emotional position to identify the optimal moment to speak.

3) No games

We often play games with people by not being open and honest. This is not always done with evil intentions. It may be the opposite - we may hold back the truth to spare the other person's feelings. Honesty and candor can be hurtful if spoken harshly or rudely. When it is done with empathy, the result can be very powerful.

4) Words are only one-third of the equation.

Good communication is verbal, vocal, and visual. While your words are important, focus also on the tone and volume of your voice, in addition to your visual gestures or body language.

5) The right words

Churchill would spend hours writing his famous war speeches and focusing on selecting the ideal words. Words have power and the pen is mightier than the sword. Saying the right word at the right time can do more than just make a person feel good - it can have an impact that is positive and lasting.

6) Use silence

If silence descends on a conversation, do not feel the need to immediately fill it. This is the moment when the person seems to freeze and ponder what is being said. Allow this to happen and do not let this silence make you feel uncomfortable.

7) Clamp down on Interruptions

There are many reasons why people interrupt and most of them are not good. The two most common reasons are because they are not listening or they have little respect. Should the other person repeatedly interrupt you, end the conversation and walk away.

8) Summarise

Take the time at the end of a conversation or meeting to summarise and discuss follow-up.

Powerful communication plays an essential role in your professional and private life. It builds trust, increases engagement, and creates better relationships. Work on becoming a powerful communicator.

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