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FOUR Ways to Make Her Lust After You

Men’s sexual satisfaction peaks in their 20s. Why, then, are men in their 20s abstaining from sex? Ten years ago, the percentage of men in their 20s in the US that had not had sex in the past year was 10%. Today, this number has spiked to 30%.

Young men are withdrawing into the online world and are consuming more pornography. They are also living longer with their parents, which is a real boner killer. But the strongest reason is that women are becoming more selective about who they drop their panties for. They are focusing more on their careers, and delaying marriage plans or canceling them altogether.

As women progress in their careers and start to unlock their economic potential, they also see their sexual market value increase. Women are hypergamous by nature – they only want to hook up with men on the same socio-economic level or higher. Given that men are in a throes of a crisis, this pool of dateable/fuckable men is declining.

A smaller number of alpha-type men are having more sex. The Pareto principle of 80/20 is in play – 20% of men are having 80% of the sex.

I am going to teach you how to make women develop a powerful desire for you. But let me warn you, to be successful with women, you need to go against EVERYTHING you think you know about the sexual market.

In my opinion, there are four things that women look for (in addition to the obvious things like: how you dress, body language, fitness and health, perceived level of resources and social status)

1) High Internal Value

Million Man focuses on building high-value men. High-value men have high self-worth and they project this through their actions. This is where most men fuck up. They focus on cockiness. Cockiness is about comparison – putting other people down so you look better. This is arrogance.

High-value men are not arrogant. High value is the feeling you are awesome….period. It is comparison-free. The value of high-value men is independent of the value of others.

She thinks about you in the same way you think about yourself – provided your actions and behavior project this.

Here are some practical tips:

  1. Lots of men focus on convincing women to like them. Men are practical and competitive. They approach the sexual market like salesmen – they need to sell themselves. You need to flip this on its fucking head. Instead of you selling yourself to them, make women sell themselves to you – make them convince you why you should like them.

  2. You need to take EVERY insult from a woman as a massive compliment! Yes, you read that correctly. Do not focus on what women say – FOCUS ON WHAT THEY DO. Pay more attention to the context of the words, instead of the words themselves. The next time a woman insults you, say: you are so adorable, thank you so much for that….and then flash a winning smile.

  3. If you are telling her a story, and you are interrupted (for example by the waiter or by her), DO NOT continue the story unless she asks you.

  4. When she finishes a thought/story/comment/suggestion, wait THREE seconds before saying anything. This pause is powerful. This is what is going to happen – she will fill the silence. It shows you don’t need to convince her about your awesomeness.

  5. You have two ears and only one mouth for a reason – listen more than you talk. She must do 80% of the talking, and you need to listen like a fucking ninja. Look at her as if she is giving you the keys to heaven. Make her feel she is the only person on the planet – a 20-ton truck could come crashing through the wall and you would not break eye contact. Ask her open-ended questions that will leave her talking for a long time – DO NOT ASK “YES” OR “NO” QUESTIONS! Your secret weapon phrase is this….that is fascinating, tell me more about x

  6. Your body language must be open and big. Stand up straight and make yourself look tall. When seated, do not fold your arms. You need to sit confidently – shoulders back, hands on your thighs, and legs uncrossed.

  7. Ask questions that are unusual and penetrate her primal being. How about this: what is something awesome about you I would not know by looking at you?

  8. Women love approval – that is the reason half of them are on Instagram. Do not be a dickhead and disagree when she is sharing something deep and personal – that will hurt her feelings.

  9. Do not shower her with compliments – you will come across as needy. You are allowed to make one hyperbole (over-the-top compliment) per encounter. The compliment must be about her. For example, can you see the difference between these two statements: “that dress is spectacular” and “you look spectacular in that dress”? Free tip: most women love shoes – compliment her shoes.

  10. Learn how to flirt. Flirting is verbal and nonverbal, and most men suck at verbal flirting because you are in dangerous waters. You want to tease her without insulting her. I like to use the rule of three – it establishes a pattern and then ends with something unexpected. For example, you say two ordinary things and the third thing is unusual (For example: my favorite colors are blue, green, and the color of your panties).

  11. Learn how to mirror. To make a connection, you need to mirror her verbally and non-verbally. We like people like ourselves. Verbally, you must mirror her speed, tone, vocabulary, and volume of speech. You must use the same words she uses. You also want to mirror her nonverbal communication – how she sits, gestures, etc. Mimicking her posture and mannerisms will subconsciously convince her of commonalities which leads to attraction and desire. Exercise: Go to a coffee shop and find a hottie that is sitting a couple of meters away. As unobtrusively as possible, start to mirror her gestures and mannerisms and see what happens in 5 to 10 minutes. You will get in sync with each other - and then go to her place and break her bed!

2) Internal Strengths

I am no fan of Donald Trump, but he made a good point in “The Art of the Deal”. In any business negotiation, you must be prepared to walk away. Your ability to say no/disagree/ leave her is a powerful aphrodisiac. If she knows you can walk away from her and be fine, her lust for you will be atomic.

Here are FOUR ways to practically demonstrate your inner strength:

  1. If you disagree with her on a major (or semi-major issue), say so. I am not talking about inconsequential issues – like whether “Pretty Woman” was a great or shit movie.

  2. If you see her flirting with other guys, DO NOT react. All men in the world are your brothers – that is a key tenet of Million Man. She may mention old boyfriends on purpose to see how you would react. DO NOT react – you are the master of your emotions.

  3. Say “No” to her at least once a month.

  4. If she threatens to leave, let her go – DO NOT BEG HER TO STAY.

3) Pre-Selection

Women do not like men who cheat, but they are attracted to men who COULD cheat. If a woman thinks that other women on her level are attracted to you, she too will be attracted to you.

There is a video on YouTube where an average looking guy got three hot girls and one cameraman to walk with him through a shopping mall. The girls were hanging on his arm and the cameraman was recording them walking in and out of shops. The interesting reaction was that of other women in the mall. They were intrigued by this very average-looking dude – what did these three hot girls see in him, he must be famous/rich/unique/interesting.

Both men and women are interested in their partner's notch count (how many previous sexual partners they have had). They are interested for different reasons. Men want to know the suitability of that woman to bear his children. Women want to know how many other women find this man desirable.

Nothing good can ever come from telling a woman your notch count. When she asks you how many sexual partners you have had, you need to deflect as quickly as possible. Your best answer: Today? Not that many….

4) Challenge

She must earn your attention and she must chase you – YOU MUST NEVER CHASE HER! Do not text her 100 times a day. You need to be a little mysterious – play a little hard to get without being a douchebag.

Here are some useful tips:

  1. Go easy on the compliments (remember: maximum one per encounter). You can also use the push/pull principle in compliments – compliment her (push) and then create some doubt (pull). For example, You are fucking sexy, but can you cook?

  2. Do not do any major favors for her in the first 3 months - never take her to the airport.

  3. If you have an amazing date, do not immediately text her or set up the next date. Say, thanks for a great time.

  4. Maintain your mystery – do not tell her all your secrets/hobbies/interests. Hold stuff back to keep her interest piqued.

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