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How to Fuel Your Body

High-value men transform their relationships with their bodies. Instead of it being a source of shame and limitation, they optimize its functionality so they can make their dent in the universe.

Bodies are machines. Their performance depends on how they are fuelled. If you fill them with shit, they will perform like shit. If you fill them with high octane, high-quality fuel, they perform optimally.

In this blog, I am going to help you differentiate between shit and high-quality fuel.

All food in its raw and natural state is filled with goodness. Over the decades man has processed all the goodness out of food. So the rule is simple - the more a food has been processed, the lower the quality of the fuel. So how do you know if food has been processed? It is simple, when you look at it, you haven't got a fucking clue where it came from. If the food comes in a box, it is probably processed.

Take a big fat juicy doughnut. Do you think some farmers planted doughnut seeds and then harvested a crop of doughnuts? Of course not - doughnuts are full of processed shit - sugar, flour, fructose, glucose, colorants, preservatives, etc. Add to this list food like bread, cookies, chips, fruit loops, and other sugary cereals, sweets, etc.

Let's now move across to high-quality foods. When you walk into a supermarket, what foods do you ordinarily find close to the walls? Fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese. When you look at these products, you have a pretty good idea of how they existed in their pre supermarket state. These foods have not been processed. This is high-quality fuel.

This is a simplistic look at diet and serves as the first filter. The next step is to work out what foods work for you and what foods make you feel shit.

Food is more than fuel. It also affects the way you feel. Your stomach is a second brain. What does that mean?

Firstly, have you ever noticed how you can be eating and then all of a sudden you feel full. Your stomach brain is a little retarded. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach brain to tell your cerebral brain you are full. That is problematic. If you are eating dinner and you are stuffing your face, at 6 pm you are full, but you don't feel full so you keep shoveling calories into your face. By 6.19 pm you have offloaded another 500 calories into a full stomach. At 6.20 pm the signal arrives and you feel stuffed. You feel lethargic and you want to take a nap. You may also feel a little guilty as you move to the couch, loosen your belt, and collapse onto the soft cushioning like a big lump of lard.

So this is what you want to do.

1) Eat slowly - you want to limit your calories per minute consumption. If you pack 500 calories in 20 minutes, that is 25 calories per minute. If you can cut that to 10 per minute, in the 20-minute delay between stomach and brain, you will only overload by 200 calories.

2) Pay attention to what foods affect your stomach. Lactose has become public enemy number one. I love dairy - milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream all make me excited, but lately, they have been upsetting my stomach and putting me into a shit mood. I feel less energetic and powerful so I try and stay away from them.

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