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The High-Value Man 21-day Challenge

There are two kinds of people in this world - masters and minions. A minion is a follower, a slave, a yes-man, and a victim. He is controlled by his emotions, his urges, and his impulses. A master in control. He makes things happen. He is able to control his desires and he sets the terms of his own life. In a world of instant gratification, one way to exercise control over your life is to delay gratification and willingly subject yourself to uncomfortable situations that will benefit you in the future.

Anyone can try something for a few days - that is too easy. How far do you need to stretch something to make it hurt and have a long-lasting impact on you? They say it takes 21 days for an action to become a habit. On your road to mastery, I propose taking on some or all of these 21 challenges for 21 days.

1) Cold Showers. They will boost your immune system, wake you up, and reduce your electricity bill.

2) Abstaining from coffee. Caffeine is a drug. This challenge is to prove you can walk away from the addiction at any time.

3) No alcohol. Alcohol is also a drug. See 2) for details.

4) Swimming in a cold lake, ocean, or pool for at least 5 minutes. This challenge is to one-up the cold shower challenge.

5) Try intermittent fasting. This involves not eating for 16 hours. One of the benefits is that it makes your body more efficient in using fat as a source of energy.

6) Exercise for 30 minutes each day. This doesn't have to be an intense effort - a 30-minute walk counts.

7) Do 100 sit-ups. This will strengthen your core and improve your posture, balance and boost your power.

8) Read a book for 21 minutes a day. This improves brain connectivity, reduces stress by forcing you into the present, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

9) Keep a journal. Write down what is pissing you off and making you anxious.

10) Track your spending. Take control of your finances by getting a better understanding of your spending patterns.

11) Buy only necessities. This is easier than it sounds. Food is a necessity, but your 5th pair of sneakers is not. Some spending falls into a grey area, and you get to decide.

12) Give away/donate one thing per day. Most of us have too much shit. This shit clutters our homes and our minds - get rid of it.

13) No fast food. It makes you fat and is addictive like porn. Masters are not addicted to anything.

14) Cook for yourself once a day. Putting a pizza in the oven does not count. "Cook" means working off a recipe.

15) Flatter at least one person per day. We crave flattery. This is another people's belief in us in order to bolster the way we see ourselves. You need to make sure it is honest and genuine.

16) Start the day with lemon water - it aids digestion, keeps you hydrated, and is even believed to promote weight loss.

17) Make your bed as soon as you get up and before checking your phone. You will have achieved your first task of the day so it gets you a little motivated for the day ahead.

18) Spend some time in nature. Leave your house and onto the beach, into the park, or nearby forest. If none of these natural habitats exist close to you, grow and tend a couple of plants on your window sill.

19) Take time to laugh. Watch your favorite comedy show on YouTube or call a friend that always cracks you up. Laughter stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and increases the endorphins released by your brain.

20) Sleep at least 7 hours a day. The lack of sleep makes you stupid and weakens your body - enough said.

21) Learn a new skill and try to perfect it over 21 days. This can be as simple as learning how to whistle with your fingers or learning to play the guitar. It is unlikely you will perfect the guitar in 21 days, but whistling shouldn't be too difficult.


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