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THREE Ways You Can be an Antidote to the World

When I look at the world, there are three things I see: isolation, fear, and self consciousness. This global pandemic has damaged the way we think and interact with others. Masks raise barriers. We walk around terrified of getting too close to people. The solution is simple – you need to be the antidote to this new post pandemic world. Here are three ways to do this.

1) Be Nice "Nice" has become a dirty word. In some fucked up way it is now associated with boring, predictable, agreeable, weak, insipid, and exploited. Do not be nice becuase everyone will walk over you. The world encourages us to be competitive, cutthroat, and ruthless. I have seen a notable uptick in Machiavellian-inspired motivation that preaches how the nice guy finishes last in business and in relationships. This world needs a big dose of niceness – it will go a long way to help ease the pain of a world with less human interaction and love.

If you believe that "nice guys finish last", look no further than the biggest dickhead of the 21t century, Lance Armstrong. I am a fan, but he is a self-confessed dickhead. He lied, cheated, bullied and intimidated his way to seven Tour de France titles. Almost everyone in the 20-year period between 1990 and 2010 was heavily doped in the Tour, yet cycling's governing body (UCI) only stripped Lance. Do you wonder why? Because he acted like a dickhead!

2) Get Some Perspective

The pandemic has forced us to withdraw into our own small worlds in a perfectly natural act of self preservation. This, however, can be dangerous if the situation lasts for too long (as we are finding). When you make your world small and self-centered, it breeds a toxic mix of entitlement and expectations. You start to believe you are entitled to success, fame, money and happiness. You expect other people to make you happy, to recognize your strengths and to shower you with love and attention. We all need a little perspective. If you think your life is shit, go and spend some time in an old age home. Find an 85 year old man, who lives on a dialysis machine, has no friends and his family has forgotten about him. All of a sudden, your life doesn’t look so shit.

3) Don’t Worry What Other People Think

I understand humans are hardwired to be concerned about the opinions of others. But you need to move away from that. If you want to launch a personal brand on social media, and tap into millions of potential clients, you need to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. People are going to say you are ugly, stupid, full of shit, a piece of shit etc. There are many people in the world who are so sad and miserable, and have lives that are so empty, that they will take the time to write you a nasty comment. Instead of being hurt, feel sorry for these miserable fuckers. Don’t ever lose sight of your mission and purpose. The same is also true of the praise. When people say how fucking great and awesome you are, this too should not be taken too seriously. You do not need external validation. You know who you are, you know your value and no-one should be allowed to change that.

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